The HeadStrong Anchor Free (HSAF) program is an extension of the HeadStrong initiative, designed specifically for focusing on Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) use challenges. The core concept is the integration of the 8-Ways Indigenous learning framework to meet the needs of the client at their stage of their journey. Together we will explore the underlying causes of substance use and develop personalized strategies for managing substance use and provide psychoeducation around harm minimisation, with the Stepped care approach.

Embark on a new journey with HeadStrong, Anchor Free

Stepped care is evidence-based and non-linear, it is designed to meet the client at their “stage” of the journey. This method of delivery of mental health service, is comprised of a hierarchy of interventions—from the least to the most intensive — matched to the individual’s needs. It is about ensuring that people can access the most appropriate services for their mental health needs at any given time— including the ability to step up and step down to different levels of care as they move along their recovery journey.

The HeadStrong Anchor Free (HSAF) program emphasizes cultural sensitivity and is a holistic approach, it combines professional mental health expertise with traditional wisdom, offering a supportive, non-judgmental environment for open dialogue and reflection.

Supporting and guiding our clients to create, refine and implement strategies and coping mechanisms in awareness rehabilitation managements. In alignment with the Menzies Stay Strong Plan, this approach fosters a strength-based, Indigenous perspective on recovery by empowering participants with a sense of control over their journey. Respecting cultural identity’ and learning style’ is central to ensuring a tailored and effective recovery process.

HeadStrong, Anchor Free offers a unique approach to overcoming AOD use by integrating traditional Indigenous methodologies with modern recovery strategies. This program focuses on both the Menzies School of Health Research – STAY STRONG – principles and the Indigenous Andragogy 8-ways of learning. These methods are tailored to address the unique challenges of AOD substance use recovery.

Anchor Free Recovery Plan: A tailored approach to overcoming addiction

  1. Supportive Circle: People That Keep Me Anchored – The core concept of our program emphasizes the importance of a supportive network. We assist you in identifying and fortifying these essential personal connections, crucial in your journey of recovery.
  2. Resilience Resources: Practices That Keep Me Grounded – We promote the incorporation of activities and habits that foster a healthy mental state, within a supportive and non-judgemental environment. (How?)
  3. Concerns Catalogue: Addressing My Fears: We offer you a space and time where you can feel comfortable and brave; free of judgement, to yarn voicing your concerns and fears related to substance use. We partner with you fostering and cultivating trust and understanding, essential for recovery.
  4. Health Alert Indicators: Recognizing Warning Signs – Our approach includes early detection of relapse signs, ensuring compassionate and personalized support throughout your journey. (How?)
  5. Goal-Setting Guide: Steps Toward Recovery We focus on personalized goal setting that reflects your individual journey toward overcoming substance use and guiding you to a healthier future.

Indigenous Andragogy 8-ways of Learning: Integrating Personal Healing with Recovery Knowledge

This approach combines traditional and modern learning methods, including:

  • Storytelling and visualization for an engaging learning experience.
  • Practical and symbolic learning tailored to your experiences and cultural background.
  • Environmental and community-based learning, enhancing a sense of belonging and support.

Beyond Recovery: A Holistic Approach to Healing

HeadStrong Anchor Free is not just about overcoming Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) use; it is about creating an environment where you feel brave enough to yarn, understood and genuinely supported. Our non-clinical, person-centric approach sets us apart, aiding in holistic healing and personal development. Join us on this empowering journey towards self-discovery, spiritual and cultural reconnection, and personal growth.